Coach Recruitment

Deltona Youth Soccer Club is looking for D-License (with Recommendation to C or better) coaches to augment our existing staff for the upcoming season.  DYSC has expanded by 50% over the past few years, and expects to continue to see an increase in player count.  Deltona is committed to not just growing, but investing in the development of our players, teams and program.

Deltona coaches earn very competitive pay.

LevelState CupRegion CupCompetitive
A $500-$800 $400-$600 $300-$450
B $400-$700 $300-$500 $250-$400
C $250-$600 $175-$400 $150-$270
D $200-$400 $150-$300 $100-$220
E N/A $100-$180 $80-$140
F N/A $80-$120 $50-$100


Coaches Fees Guidelines

  1. All Coaching fees will be approved by Director of Soccer Operations
  2. If a coach charges the maximum on the chart per their license, Director of Soccer Operations will review and approve based on performance, experience and results
  3. State/Region cup teams will train 4 months every season.Example Below:


    U9-U14  U15-U19
    (Aug. 1st- Nov. 30th)  Fall (June. 1st- October 1st)  Fall
    (Feb. 1st-May 31st)  Spring (Feb. 1st-May 31st)  Spring
  4. Exceptions to the chart:  Coaches without a license, but with experience and good coaching skills could get pay more than stated on the chart. These cases will be review by Director of Soccer Operations and approved by club and parents. These coaches will have to obtain their license in a period of time (determined by Director of Soccer Operations)

    If you are interested, but presently affiliated with another club, we are unable to discuss this with you until end of season (following last FYSA State cup game). However we would be interested in speaking with you as soon as your season and existing commitments have concluded.

    Interested unaffiliated coaches should contact:
    Orlando De La Torre

    If you are looking for a program where you can make a mark, be rewarded for doing so, and do so on some of the best fields in the state, this may be your new home.

    As we have training opportunities to fill immediately.

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