2018-2019 Travel Season Tryouts

Season competitive (Travel) tryouts for boys and girls will be held at Dewey O. Boster on the following dates…

*** Friday May 18th will be a make up date in case of rain.
***All age groups from U8-U19 have a multi-day tryout and participants are strongly encouraged to attend both tryout sessions.

All players must complete a free registration prior to the tryouts

Register For Tryouts

Age GroupBirth YearDatesCheck-InSession
U82010May 14-165:45PM6:15PM-7:30PM
U92009May 14-165:45PM6:15PM-7:30PM
U102008May 14-165:45PM6:15PM-7:30PM
U112007May 14-165:45PM6:15PM-7:30PM
U122006May 14-165:45PM6:15PM-7:30PM
U132005May 14-167:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U142004May 14-167:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U152003May 14-167:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U162002May 14-167:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U172001May 14-167:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U182000May 14-167:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U191999May 14-167:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM


Age GroupBirth YearDatesCheck-InSession
U82010May 15 – 175:45PM6:15PM-7:30PM
U92009May 15 – 175:45PM6:15PM-7:30PM
U102008May 15 – 175:45PM6:15PM-7:30PM
U112007May 15 – 175:45PM6:15PM-7:30PM
U122006May 15 – 175:45PM6:15PM-7:30PM
U132005May 15 – 177:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U142004May 15 – 177:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U152003May 15 – 177:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U162002May 15 – 177:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U172001May 15 – 177:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U182000May 15 – 177:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM
U191999May 15 – 177:00PM7:30PM-8:45PM

Tryout Day

  • Players must attend tryouts based on their current age, regardless of what age they played last season.
  • Tryouts will be held at the Dewey O’ Boster, 1200 Saxon Blvd, Deltona, FL
  • Players must wear cleats and shin guards.
  • Please go to the Stage Area and Check in

During tryouts players will be evaluated on:

  • Technique
  • Passing
  • Ball control
  • Shooting
  • Dribbling Knowledge of position
  • Fitness
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Tactics
  • Game Awareness
  • Team Work
  • Movement with ball and off ball
  • Agility
  • Knowledge of position
  • Physcology
  • Coachability
Team Selection
Player selection will be determined through a combination of tryout results. Having previously played for a team does not guarantee a spot for the next season.
If you are unable to attend tryouts but would like to be placed on a team you must notify your registrar before tryouts.
Accepted players will be posted on the www.deltonayouthsoccerclub.com website.  This would be First Name and Last Initial.
An e-mail will also be sent to the e-mail address you used to register as soon as selections are made.
Players must be accompanied by an adult to sign waiver form. Players make sure you have water. Please show up 30 minutes early to sign in and warm up.
Any questions please contact, Orlando De La Torre: dirofsoccer@deltonayouthsoccerclub.com
or Andrea Velazquez: andrea.dyscregistrar@gmail.com

All players must complete a free registration prior to the tryouts

Register For Tryouts

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